Article on Schools-universities knowledge-exchange schemes

This article (with Tomislav Tudjman as a co-author) is based on an international study of knowledge-exchange schemes

between schools and universities. It describes a number of such schemes in

European countries, and offers practical suggestions about factors to be borne

in mind when setting up a scheme. It combines the results of an online survey of

13 schemes in six EU countries and an analysis of 4 particular schemes in greater

depth. The latter include a generic online space, a city-based forum, a university–

school partnership and a rural collaboration on a specific issue. Based on these

4 cases, observations are made about factors that appear to help or hinder the

interplay of knowledge exchange and practice improvement. A sequence of

stages is suggested to describe the process.;jsessionid=5kki2l2o7lou6.x-ic-live-01#